You guys HOLLLLLYYYY CRRRAAAPPPP! Raising children this close in age aint no joke.

I love my kids more than words can say and I’m beyond grateful to have 3 but WOW!

Mama is TIRED.

Mama needs as many naps a day as her 2 month old.



Mama needs multiple Route 44 Diet Coke’s on the rocks a day.

Mama is TIRED.

Mama needs a vacation.

Mama is TIRED.

I mean, I have never felt this type of exhaustion in my life. But, its a GOOD exhaustion. My 3 little stinks bring me more laughs a day than tears and more smiles than frowns, but raising children is HARD. No matter if you have 1 or 10. It’s HARD!

When I found out that I was pregnant with Asher when Piper was 4 months old, I bawled my eyes out. When I told my husband, he was as happy as a clam. Immediately after finding out I went on to Instagram to search people that had kids that close in age. You guys, there are FEW, I’m talking FEW that have them this close. And then I bawled some more.


1. You have 3 pregnancies check marked! I’m not one of those women who embraced every ounce of being pregnant. I wish I did but I didn’t! Do you know how much more enjoyable of a person I would have been? My husband wouldn’t have seen the wrath of me as frequently 😉 So having 3 pregnancies under my belt at the age of 28 makes me a happy camper.

2. Hopefully they will be the best of friends! They will either despise each other or be best buds. I hope it’s the latter. I have a twin sister and it’s the greatest thing in the world. We couldn’t be more close. I hope mine are the same way.

3. They will entertain each other. I’ve heard many mom’s say how awesome it is when they get a little older. I have to tell myself that everyday or else I go crazy thinking about one being in their terrible two’s and the other a threenager.

4. You will be done with diapers and bottles faster. It feels like it will NEVER END right now, but it will happen soon enough and then you will pop out another kid 😉

The BAD (or the not as good)

1. You have double the EVERYTHING! Double the mess, double the diapers, poop, bottles, tantrums, crying, LAUNDRY (!!!), spit up, and did I mention MESSES!! In the first 30 minutes that my 15 month old was awake this morning, she took off her diaper, peed in her high chair, rubbed it all on the tray, it dripped all over the floor, pulled everything out of the cupboards, undid an entire paper towel roll and toilet paper roll and to top it off, took Asher’s bottle and so sweetly stirred the toilet water with it. I love her SO much!

2. You feel like you can’t give them each the attention they deserve. You’re trying to clean up your toddler’s messes, answer the MANY questions your oldest has been asking, all while trying to take in those sweet moments with your newborn. I mean, poor baby gets a propped bottle half the time. WE need more arms!! With each kid mom’s need two more arms!!

3. Our bodies didn’t really get a break.  Our bodies are sagging in all the wrong places. In the words of Creed from The Office, swing low sweet chariots.

raising children


1. The moment you look at yourself in the mirror after 3 hours of sleep and you scream because you’ve never seen something so horrifying.

2. That face you make when you cry because there are no more diet coke’s in the fridge, your pants don’t fit, and your 1 year old just hopped in the bath with your 4 year old fully clothed after you just got her ready.

3. And that ugly “mom voice” we all use when we see our children do something for the first time, when they make us laugh, and when they make us proud. We LOVE our ugly mom voice 😉

Such is life when raising children. Let’s try and enjoy the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY even when we feel like a walking zombie.