This post was created in partnership with Samsung.

I recently attended the new Samsung Galaxy Studio pop-up at the Caesar’s Palace this past Thursday to learn more about the new incredible Samsung Galaxy S8 and other exciting new Samsung products.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has so many useful and efficient features that would make anyone happy with this smartphone!


Galaxy Fitness/Gear Sport

The first product we tried was the Gear Sport. This is a watch that can track your speed, mph, and your burned calories to name a few. Shea and I raced each other on the Galaxy fitness cycle using our gear watches and she killed me! Haha! It was really fun to compare our speeds and I realized how taking a break from the gym has had a major effect on me. I loved how the watch would give me a “boost” to give that last bit of energy I needed to complete the race.

Galaxy S8

Next, we headed over to the phone section. This was my favorite part – learning about the different functions and useful tips. One of my favorite functions about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it’s water resistant! It can stay in almost 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged! This would have been so helpful about 6 months ago when I dropped my phone in the toilet! It’s also dust and element resistant, which is great for family adventures outdoors!

One of my other favorite features is the Infinity display. It has an end-to-end screen that spills over the phone’s edges. It is so awesome to watch videos with this feature! The screen is so immersive – the colors are bright, the picture is sharp, and the quality is truly remarkable.


Gear 360° Camera

To play around with the Gear 360° Camera, we got inside a big, round glass enclosed tube and filmed inside while spinning around. We were able to see firsthand how this amazing camera works! It’s a portable and a simple to use camera that can film all 360° of the party, family outing or road trip in 4x the resolution of HD. Just pair it with your phone, start shooting 360° photos or videos and then share in an instant!

Gear Virtual Reality with Controller

This was really fun! We placed our Galaxy S8 smartphones in the Gear VR headset and played a fun, interactive game in 360. It felt like we were really inside the game. With your Galaxy S8 in the headset, you can sit front row at the biggest events, paint in VR or just hang out with friends. And the intuitive handheld controller gives you new ways to go deeper into games and other experiences. Anything’s possible in virtual reality!

It was a great experience attending the Samsung Studio pop up and learning about Samsung’s newest products (especially my new Galaxy S8+).

To learn more about the amazing Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ or other products, go here. To find out how you can check out your local Samsung Studios in person, click here!