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Being a mom is HARD, fun, exhausting, expensive and HARD! It consists of running kids to dancing, school, piano, soccer, dental appointments, dr appointments and everything else in between. I know many moms who can’t even find the time to make a dental appointment because it isn’t a constant in their life. It only happens every 6 months so we tend to put it on the back burner.

Our future self or rather our children’s future self would rather have us be consistent in their dental or oral appointments than probably soccer or dance lessons. Our teeth are ours forever. We need to make sure they are a priority.

I have found a solution that can help make it super easy and not feel like one more thing on the daunting list of to do’s….Smile Generation. Smile Generation is a service for moms just like you. They have an easy online appointment setting software for you and have excellent budget friendly financing. You will not need to worry about finding a dentist as they have some of the most knowledgable dentists and their staff is so kind.

Smile Generation has made me smile because they have lightened this mama’s load and that is all we honestly care about!!