As a kid, one of my favorite things about Christmas was my stocking. My mom filled it with almost the same things every year, but I loved it every time! Some of the things she filled it with were crackers and cheese, mechanical toothbrush, nail polish, make-up, socks, underwear, movies, and a Christmas Cutie. The Cutie was there to remind us the true meaning of service at Christmas time.

To spread the Christmas cheer of service, we as a family love to incorporate the story of the Christmas Orange to our neighbors. We tie a bow around a bag of delicious Cuties with the story of the Christmas Orange attached. You can find the FREE PRINTABLE HERE. Your neighbors will love the thoughtful gift and will also be able to enjoy the sweet and yummy taste of Cuties.

I love using Cuties instead of an orange because then the whole family can enjoy! I love how easy they are to peel, eat, and they are as sweet as chocolate! My kids eat them by the bagfuls and they can easily peel them by themselves. One less thing for mama to do!

And I love that it is Cuties Season! To celebrate, Cuties is bringing #100DaysofSunshine! Cuties reminds us that no matter how big our differences, they are no match for the power of love! Which is what this Christmas season is all about! Share some Cuties to your neighbors or in your kids stocking to brighten their day and remind them what this season is all about.

stocking stuffer ideas for kids

stocking stuffer ideas

stocking stuffer ideas

stocking stuffer ideas

Like I said before, my mom would always put a Christmas Cutie in the bottom of our stockings, but we have rounded up a few other great stocking stuffer ideas for your little ones!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Most items are linked below.

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#100DaysofSunshine this Holiday Season!

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