Gallery walls have been in for quite some time now. (Are they still cool? Who knows, I still like them!) I remember when they first started to make their debut and they went crazy on Pinterest. I was always super intimated to try to make a gallery wall, especially because if you started it and then ended up hating it, you would be left with 5 billion holes in your wall (more on that below).

I am not really creative or eclectic (even though I love that style), so I knew if I was going to do a gallery wall it would be symmetrical. It was just easier for me that way and not near as intimidating. And it was kind of nice that I was designing my gallery wall around my T.V. because it was like a big picture frame in and of itself.

There are steps I would suggest doing before buying your frames and hanging them!

how to create a gallery wall

Steps To Creating A Gallery Wall

Step #1: Gather House Decorating Ideas For Your Gallery Wall

Decide what your style and look you would like to go after. Gather inspiration from Pinterest or magazines and decide what your color scheme, style, design, etc. will be for your gallery wall. I went off inspiration from here & here.

Step #2: Measure Your Photo Wall

Measure! I knew that my gallery was going to surround my 42″ T.V. so I measured from the top of the T.V. to the ceiling so I knew how much space I was going to work with.

Step #3: Consider the Picture Frame Sizes

Go buy your frames! This is the fun part…I decided to hop on over to Target to get all my frames. They have a wide variety of sizes and art at affordable prices. I believe all my frames cost around $100. Not bad at all for 12 frames. I knew I wanted a mix of family pictures and art and for the frames to be symmetrical.

Step #4: Layout Your Photo Collage

Lay it out! Lay all your frames out on the floor the way you would want them to look on your wall. Start with your largest frame first, and then build it out from there. Make sure the colors of you frames and art flow well together.

Step #5: Create Wall Stencils

This is the most IMPORTANT STEP! Trace your frames on craft paper or tissue and tape them on the wall. This way you can rearrange them as many times as you’d like before nailing a bunch of holes in your wall. You can also see if you need to add more frames or change the sizing.

how to create a gallery wall


Step #6: Hanging Pictures

Hang your gallery wall! We nailed our frames to the wall, but now I’m wishing we would have used picture hanging strips so we wouldn’t have to deal with holes in our wall when it’s time for us to move. You live and you learn people! Make sure each frame is level and secure and WALAH! you have a beautiful gallery wall!

It was a lot less intimidating than I thought it was going to be because I planned everything out first which I think is KEY!!! I also love that I have a place to show off my beautiful family. We take SO many pictures of our kids but NEVER print them off and hang them up. A gallery wall is the PERFECT place to do so!

how to create a gallery wall

I bought the decor on the T.V. stand from Michaels, IKEA and Target. The T.V. stand is from Home Goods.

how to create a gallery wall

how to create a gallery wall


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