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 My mornings, I’m sure like your’s can be pretty crazy. Between chores, 5 kids to dress with hair done, feed breakfast, gym, and then try and find time to get yourself presentable….EXHAUSTING! I have had to cut corners and learn how to do everything at an incredible speed. My children do not look the same as when I only had 1 or 2 kids….dressed to the nines and hair in a different do everyday for a month. That just isn’t happening anymore. And to be honest, I am completely ok with that. I have learned some tricks on how to make my hair and beauty routine run a bit smoother and MUCH faster.

I am excited to share with you some of my must haves for summer and throughout the year.


Dry Shampoo- I live off of this stuff. These are my two favorites HERE and HERE. I try to go at least 4 days between washes. After two days of my hair looking clean and great… I am in dire need of dry shampoo. I believe my hair is so much better off the longer I go without washes (it keeps the natural oils in my hair).  Also the longer I go the longer I can go without using as much heat with blow dryers and straighteners. And OF COURSE, the three days I do not wash my hair it literally takes me 3 minutes to get ready. BAM!!

my summer hair and beauty essentials

Leave In Treatment- My girls and I use a leave in treatment after every wash. HERE is my favorite. It repairs your hair as well as leaves it silky and smooth (I dare you to say that last sentence in the Billy Madison Voice…its a whole lotta fun, LOL). It is so much easier to brush your daughter’s hair after putting this in. You will have an easier morning with a lot less screaming!

Purple Shampoo- If you are a blonde who bleaches or highlights your hair this shampoo and conditioner is a must. It will remove all the brassy yellowish tones while nourishing the colored hair. You will be able to go a little longer without having to visit your hair stylist which saves $$ and TIME!

For Soft Curls with NO Heat- Like I mentioned before I try not use a ton of heat on my hair. I like to let my hair air dry as much as possible. Some days I will spray THIS on my damp hair, scrunch, and call it a day. You will have a soft curl versus those crunchy curls.

Swimmers Hair- If you have any little blondies in your household THIS shampoo is a MUST in the summer. Growing up I had to use this all the time because my hair would turn green. And now I am using it on my two little blondies.

my summer hair and beauty essentials


I am outdoors a ton and it is important to me to take care of my skin. With that being said I am pretty adamant about giving my face the TLC it deserves before and after spending the day in the sun.

Organic Doctor Virgin Coconut Oil– this is a new product to the US market and an award winning product from the UK. I have loved their products and especially the coconut oil which is from Sri Lanka and the Philippines. They find products from around the world that are the finest botanicals and naturally inspired ingredients.  It is a deep moisturizer with hydrating super oil. I put it on after washing my face and prior to using a moisturizer. I have seen such a difference in this dry summer heat since I began using it.

Sunless Tanner– I love this throughout the year. I feel as though you probably don’t need an expensive or super name brandy sunless tanner. I have found that most all do their job. It is all about how you apply it. Make sure to wash your hands after and to apply it as evenly as possible to the needed areas.

Organic Doctor Rose Otto Face Mask- I like to do a face mask once or twice a week. THIS one is a healthy aging product as well as cleanser.  BONUS, it leaves your skin smelling like roses. Plus your girls will love the idea of making it a “spa night.” The Rose Otto collection has many more products and they all leave you smelling divine. You can pick up at a local CVS as well.

Sun Block- I use sun block every time I plan to be in the sun. I try to avoid the idea of aging faster and having sun spots when I get older. I love Sun Bum products. They leave you smelling delish as well as do their job.

Eye Lash Growth- I will not lie, I do sometimes get eye lash extensions. But I will take breaks for months (if not longer) and when I do, I make sure to use THIS or get it from HERE. I put it on every night. After they start growing and you find they are getting too long just cut back to every other night. You will love this product and will have to spend less time on your make up.

Lipsticks- Between the eye lash enhancer and a little lipstick you will look amazing with a little of each and nothing else. Lipstick can go a long way and make you look completely done up. I have been loving THIS, THIS, and THIS for many years and they can go throughout the year.  Also if you aren’t use to wearing lipstick or do not like super bright colors these are great neutrals to start with.

Pedi Perfect– Are you someone who wishes they could go get a pedi but just doesn’t have the time, energy, or $$? I can definitely be in this same boat. The pedi perfect has become my best friend. It will leave your feet feeling like you just left the nail salon in seconds. I leave it in my shower and use it when needed, especially in the summer when we wear a ton of sandals. Your sheets and husband will thank me.

Follow these steps… use my favorite products for some new ideas on how to look and feel good about yourself… while saving time and money.

I encourage you to try new things to see what works for you, Organic Doctor is a fun and new one that I tried and encourage you to as well.

Comment below what your tricks are to speed up your beauty routine in the mornings. HERE are 15 Back to School hairstyles for your girlies.

my summer hair and beauty essentials