When Charlee came into my life I was so dang excited to have a curly haired little girl BUT I also knew I had some learning that needed to take place. I have always done my girls hair in super fun ways. I found facebook groups to help teach me, friends who had children with curly hair or who had curly hair themselves, and then I reached out to Reagan Sanai to teach me their ways. They have some of the BEST natural hair essentials on the market for curly hair. Since using their products I can see moisture come back into Charlee’s hair and it is starting to grow a bit more.

Looking for products for little curly haired girls?

It is a bit of a regimen but nothing too hard. These products smell divine, come from natural and pure organic ingredients. All products are formulated to work on various types of hair; from fine to coarse, curly to straight.

What I was most shocked was that curly haired little people only need their hair washed about every 2 weeks. If you feel their hair needs a pick me up in between that week you can simply do a water wash where you’re only rinsing the hair with water and then following up with the conditioner and stying products.

  1. You want to start with the Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo.  Apply the shampoo to her scalp and work the product throughout her hair while finger combing her curls. Rinse.
  2. Apply the Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner and the Nourishing Growth Oil at the same time. Let those products sit on their hair for at least 15 mins. Rinse.
  3. Apply the Moisturizing Leave-in Detangler when the hair is still very wet from rinsing the conditioner out. T-shirt dry the hair after applying the leave-in detangler.
  4. Apply a little of the Mango Butter Soufflé (That product can be used as a body butter as well).
  5. Lastly, you can apply the Rosemary Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel to tame frizz and really give the curls more definition (this step is optional).

Do you have a curly haired little girl? I have found the best products for curly hair.

Charlee also sleeps on this pillowcase and wears this headcap. I had no idea all the new things I would learn as well as need to invest in but keep her hair smooth and not as frizzy.

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