There are so many reasons I love a good hat. 1) It’s a great accessory and can complete an outfit. 2) If your hair is extremely dirty, a hat will always save the day and 3) It will save you loads of time when you are in a rush to get ready. Which for me is 95% of the time. I know a lot of people that say they can’t wear hats because of the size of their head, face shape, or they just don’t know what to wear with them. Well, lucky for you I have all the answers for you!

Best Hats For Your Face Shape

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you are in luck. Because most hats look fabulous on you! Lucky duck!

Long Face

The best hats that will look best on a longer face shape is wide brimmed hats. Go with hats that create width rather than length. Also hats that cut across your forehead because it reduces the length of your face. A beret is a great choice or a trapper hat for those very chilly days!



how to style a hat, what to wear with hats

Heart Shaped Face

Go with hats that have a short brims and angles. Baseball hats, newsboy caps, or beanies that start at your hairline to elongate your face without adding more width to the top of your head.


Best Hats for fall and winter

Round Face

Opt for hats that have a taller crown to add a little more length in your face. Wear hats worn further back on your head. You will want to avoid hats that are similiar to your face shape. Round, floppy hats will only make your face appear rounder. Same with beanies. Try hats with interesting angles to add more dimension in your face.


 what to wear with hats, how to style hats

Square Shaped Face

Wear circular style hats, round brims, beanies or berets. Try to avoid hats that have a lot of angles like fedoras and go for more soft, round brimmed hats.


***If your head is on the smaller side, HERE is an easy way to make all your hats fit your head!

The wonderful thing about hats these days is that they can be worn with pretty much anything!

During the fall and winter months, I like to stay away from beach style/panama/boater hats. I prefer wool, felt, or knit hats for the cozy fall/winter months.

Here are some of my favorite hat outfit inspirations for this fall/winter season!

How to Style Your Hair In a Hat

Another fun thing about wearing hats is how you can style your hair while wearing a hat. A few of my favorite ways are:

  • Hair down & curled
  • Hair down & straight
  • Low loose pony tail
  • Low loose bun
  • Low double buns
  • Two low braids
  • One side braid
  • Loose center braid


Have you come aboard the hat train yet? I hope I’ve convinced you! Now gets to shoppin’! You can thank me later! 😉

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