I love January, it feels like a time for new beginnings. I love to write goals for myself but most importantly for myself as a mother. My goal for the new year is to spend more quality learning time with each of my children. This might include spending more time reading to them or having them read to me, coloring, or practicing letters.

While looking up ideas to make this a smooth transition and that will make it more convenient for me since many times if it isn’t convenient it won’t happen I found The Preschool Box. They were the perfect solution to help with my new goal. The Preschool Box is a subscription box that is sent to your home monthly and builds off of each other.

With the Preschool Box each month I will be sent a box full of everything I will need to help Charlee and Heath from learning letters, to gluing, cutting, and so much more. The preschool box is for kids 3-6 years old so I can engage both of my children. I also loved how there is an instruction manual inside to tell you exactly what to do. There isn’t any guessing.

The goal for the Preschool Box is to help teach letter & sound recognition, counting & number recognition, sorting shapes & colors, and writing practice. This was exactly what I was looking for my preschoolers. They are a bit wiggly and cant sit through a lot of reading. The projects included keep them extremely focused and are completely engaging and FUN!! Learning should be FUN in my opinion.

They have subscriptions for month to month, quarterly, half year or full year. If you have multiple preschool aged children you can also order a box for how many.

If you are in need of some activities for your littles to do try the Preschool Box for yourself and let me know how you enjoyed it.

Check it out HERE if you have a preschool aged child!