Lake Powell is the ultimate travel destination families big and small. Learn more about our family’s Lake Powell houseboat trip and our tips for Lake Powell travel.

About Lake Powell Travel

Lake Powell is the ultimate vacation for families big and small. It is by far our family’s favorite vacation. We look forward to it every year. We have been going to Lake Powell with my mom’s side of the family (about 30 people) every summer for the past 15 years! It is beautiful, relaxing, full of adventure, hiking, skiing, camping, tubing, etc. Its beauty is breathtaking!

Where is Lake Powell?

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake with 96 canyons in the area. Lake Powell has 1,960 miles of shoreline, more than the length of the west coast!

About Our Family’s Lake Powell Houseboat Trip

When we take our Lake Powell houseboat trip, we use our timeshare houseboat that gives us two weeks out of the year. We dock at Antelope Point in Page, Arizona. It is just a few minutes from the Glen Canyon Dam and nearby Wahweap Marina. Antelope Point is a beautiful marina and its services include slip rental, dining, lounge, and fuel station. Their lounge and dining area is so nice!

A Lake Powell houseboat trip is the BEST way to enjoy Lake Powell! It’s a lot like camping but with running water, toilets, kitchens, beds, and it keeps you cool in the heat! They are having some great specials going on right now for houseboat rentals you can check out here. Lake Powell houseboat

Lake Powell: Travel Must-Do’s

There is so much to do and see when visiting Lake Powell. Here are a few musts!

Rainbow Bridge– A National Monument. It’s the largest natural bridge in the world!

Dangling Rope-It’s where we gas up our boats and make a day out of it. We love the boat ride out there and enjoying their delicious ice cream and root beer floats! It also has a convenient store where you can stock up on goodies and grab yourself a fountain drink! Bring on the bubbly Diet Coke!

Cliff Jumping/Pack Lunch/Hiking- A lot of the time we will take the boats out, pack a lunch for everybody, find a shaded canyon to swim around, eat lunch, cliff jump and explore! We usually have about 3 or 4 boats that hold everybody and we tie them all together so we can enjoy lunch with everyone. It is so much fun!

Lake Powell travel

Lake Powell houseboat

Tips for a Lake Powell Houseboat Trip

Fishing- The kids and men especially love this! We just fish off the top of the houseboat using cheese as bait! The kids are entertained for hours!

Bring fireworks and Wish Lanterns- This is a must! It is so beautiful to light off the fireworks at night while we all sit on top of the houseboat or on the beach! The kids have a blast! We just recently started bringing Wish lanterns and they are so awesome! At night on the beach with all the stars in the sky and lighting these off is breathtaking! You can order a bunch of them off Amazon for so cheap!

Lake Powell houseboat

Paddle Boards/Kayaks- These are always a hit! We are all constantly fighting to take a turn!

Lake Powell travel

Boating/Jet Skis- I highly suggest having at least one boat (depending on how many people are going). Jet skis/Sea-Doos are also fun to have! They are awesome for teaching the kids to ski with! And obviously skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing, etc. are a must! If you don’t own a boat or jet ski or you are not able to borrow one, you can rent them here.

Lake Powell travel

Lake Powell travel

Lake Powell travel

Lake Powell travel

Lake Powell travel

Lake Powell travel

Next, I want to talk about the most important thing about Powell, THE FOOD!!!

We usually go to Lake Powell with around 25-35 people and stay about 6 days. My grandma, mom, and aunts are EXCELLENT cooks which make the trip even better! Each family takes a night where they are in charge of the dinner. Here are few examples of breakfast/lunch/dinners we have used in the past and what to bring!

Tortilla Chip Pie (delish & EASY! Put chips on the bottom and add all the toppings on top!)

3 bags chips

3 large chili

3 lbs hamburger

1 tub sour cream

1 tub guacamole

2 cans olives

5 tomatoes

1 head lettuce

1 onion

Grated cheese

Watermelon (as a side)

Hamburger and Hot Dogs

6lbs hamburger

Hot dogs

16 hot dog buns

24 hamburger buns

Macaroni Salad—mix together:

1 large macaroni noodles

1 Stalk celery

1 Green pepper

1 large miracle whip

Cut up tiny blocks of cheese

1 bag of peas


1 mustard

1 large ketchup

6 tomatoes

1 head lettuce

1 jar relish

4 stacker dill and bread and butter pickles

1 large block Cheese

Aunt Patti’s Spaghetti

Spaghetti is great to make because you can make it at home before you leave and then freeze it in gallon size bags. You make the noodles while your there. You will need…

2 gallons of meat sauce

4 packages of noodles

4 packages of pre-made Caesar salad bags

3 loaves of Garlic bread

Lunches (ingredients to make sandwiches & sides)

Whole ham sliced



6 cans of chicken

3 Stackers dill

1 bottle banana peppers

Peanut butter

Honey or jam

Cottage cheese

5 large chips

Cookies (every family brings their favorite)

Candy (chocolate covered raisins, licorice tub)



2 pineapples

3 watermelons

6 cantaloupes



4 pack butter

Breakfast everyday

Large Bisquick (to make pancakes)

5 lbs bacon

2 large Costco frozen hash browns

24 muffins

4 double size boxes of Cereal

5 gallons milk

1-gallon orange juice

Paper Products

Paper plates buy 400

Paper cups 200


7 paper towels

Utensils mostly forks

Large black garbage bags

2 Large lotions for bathrooms

Gallon size baggies


3 cases mini waters

Crystal light

5 cases of soda

8 blocks ice

2 water jugs

The ladies usually hit up Costco to get all the food/paper products/drinks. We always have suggestions on what to bring for snacks, treats, etc.

Here are a few items we always like: spinach artichoke dip, jalapeno artichoke dip, 7 layer dip, cookies (homemade ginger snaps, peanut butter kiss, chocolate chip, Ida’s cookies), homemade caramel corn, etc. The food is one of the best parts of the trip!


As much Diet Coke as you can buy

Beach toys for kids to play with on the beach

Floating devices (noodles, floating lounge chairs, etc)

Pillows, pads, and sleeping bags


GAMES! (cards, dominoes, board games)



and remember to….

Not bring hard luggage. It is easier to pack stuff tight with soft luggage!

Lake Powell travel

Well, there you have it! Your must haves, things to do and what to bring! Now get to planning your next FABULOUS FAMILY VACATION!

xoxo Ashton

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