I was so excited to partner with Justice Clothing as they have so many amazing things going on that would excite any tween (and even their moms!). You can now get your daughter’s ear pierced at most of their locations with super cute earring options. What a fun date getting your ear pierced for the first time at Justice!Justice also recently launched a new entertainment division called Justice Studios, which will focus on creating original content in the form of novels, video series, music, documentaries and more. This content will appeal to your technology-driven teen girls.

And the first piece of content coming out of Justice Studios just launched and it’s a fun new novel called Ultra Squad written by Julia DeVillers and illustrated by Rafael Rosado. Ultra Squad is the first book in a new graphic novel series that follows the journeys of four tween girls as they battle an evil force threatening Earth and use their magical super-girl powers to save the universe. My daughters couldn’t put it down! At the bottom of the post is a fun Educator’s Guide that will help your daughter while reading the book.

Here is what my daughter wrote about the book:

You will not want to put this book down. Not only are you just reading a comic, there are interactive games that you have to play to go on to the next part. I really liked how Posey related everything like she was in a play or movie as an actress. She was able to face her fears as long as she related to what she did to a scene in professional acting. I also liked how Sky was able to calculate any problem that was encountered before her. She faced her fears with the help of her friends’ encouragement. I can’t wait to read what adventures the second book has in store.

Just in time for the holidays, the first book in the series is now available in Justice stores nationwide and online for $8. To get your tween even more excited to read and the show her Ultra Squad spirit, there are  some fun graphic tees available for purchase. This book and tee would make the perfect holiday gift for the tween in your life.  For other great holiday gift ideas, check out shopjustice.com or follow them on on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Print off this fun educator’s guide for your daughter to do as well while she is reading the graphic novel.