When having a baby, doesn’t it feel like you are dishing out money left and right? Your number one concern when looking for a crib is safety. You have won the lottery when you have found one designed to the highest standard safety rating, darling, is a white convertible crib that is an 8 in 1 AND will save the bank for years to come.

This white convertible crib from Cubby can grow with your child from ages newborn to 5. You can start out with your adorable circular bassinet perfect for your precious newborn. The oval edges give such curb appeal as well as remove the hard edges in your typical crib.

As your child continues to grow the white convertible crib also extends to a great size for baby, as seen below. It continues its oval position while being extended outward as well as adjusting the height of the bed frame. There are three levels for when baby can only lie down, begins to sit, and then stand.

Like most toddlers they begin to decide that they can climb out of the crib. When this occurs this convertible crib is excellent because it has removable side rails. And no need to worry because it comes with all the parts. It is simple and only takes a few minutes.

In the bottom pictures you can see then when your toddler begins to grow in height, which unfortunately happens, this convertible crib can also grow in length.

You might be wondering now if you have to get a new mattress each time you change this crib but LUCKY for you, you don’t. The mattress that comes with it has the ability to fit every size for the crib.

How adorable is this crib? The white color is able to go with everything and will never go out of style. You could bring in any colors to accent this convertible crib.

This crib doesn’t stop there! It continues to amaze us and can now be converted into a changing table to use with the bassinet, couch, a small desk with chairs, and a large desk. With all of the functionality and quality of this Cubby┬áwhite convertible crib you are sure to get your money’s worth as well as love it!